Speak with Confidence

Over the years I have had the privilege of impacting and encouraging over 50,000 students in over 100 facilities world wide, spoken in Parliament formed a partnership with Nike to create "Just Do It " Confidence workshop for kids and wrote a #1 Amazon best seller.

Whether you are a school, academy, college or university I'd love to encourage your students along their journey of success and happiness.

My Confident life formula


True self confidence is the opposite of self consciousness . Meaning it does not matter what other people think, say & do around you. You whole heartedly believe in your ability to perform. 


Never fear at the hands of social anxiety. It is just your survival mode in overdrive. To be happy, fun & present in social situations is enough.


This ties with resilience & the ability to bounce back from falls, epic or otherwise. To have confidence in your skill is to live with passion and purpose. 

House of Parliament

a bit about me

I have coached children now for over 15 years and have delivered work (play) shops and talks to over 50,000 students worldwide. 

As an experienced speaker and educator, myself and my team wish to encourage greatness to your students in two ways: 

1. In their head... 

I have spoken to audiences on both small and large scales and regardless of number, one key element must be driven home. Self concept. You could call it their identity that if based on external validation from others, could lead to anxiety, overwhelm and damaging thoughts. They will leave with applicable, encouraging and practical next steps to take them beyond the classroom.

1. In their world... 

How do your children show up in the world? I create a powerful bounce back mindset, helping children become motivated, bully proof, resilient and confidence. All of which are the antidote for life pressures anxiety, stress, depression and/or relationship breakdowns.  

“I created a vision of winning a TV game show two years before it happened… all I had was self belief”

#1 Best Selling Author

Everyone has a bullying story. Whether you were the victim, witness or the bully. I was no exception, I was all three. 


I used my experience as the victim as a weapon to bully others for protection and survival. I was at the most pain of my life whilst causing harm to others.


But what if I had the tools to be bully proof in the first place? This is the purpose of Raw Confidence, I wrote it to my 10 year old self. Confidence is king and when children are confident enough to be unapologetically themselves these are the steps in becoming bully proof. 

“A very insightful talk regarding confidence and mental health in schools”

- Houses of Parliament

Youth Sport Leaders

Imagine if your children could possess the confidence to lead now. Inspiring their team to act because they wanted to, not because they were swayed. Players that enjoy going to practice, are more creative and happier.

Myself and my team have created a programme that allows kids to think, problem solve and lead by example. Our values are to ensure we are designing mindsets that encourage children to thrive in an ever changing world, be resilience to sporting politics and lead to improve others not merely self. 

a personal approach

I help children and teens connect their own dots to their own happiness. 

To see the effects of low self-worth and lack of confidence turn into anger and be directed at those you love is heart breaking. 

To see these destructive habits and feelings shatter and transform into patience, determination confidence and love is one of the most enriching experiences I have the pleasure of being a part of. 

This is what I do…actually… this is what I love to do. I work with teens and parents to create happiness in the family environment. It is harder today being a child than it has ever been and guess what…

That also means that it is harder being a parent today than it was when you were growing up. If you or your young ones are going through a tough time I would love to use my 15 years experience to find balance in your family again. 

“Dale, it was absolutely outstanding, the kids were laughing and playing whilst understanding themselves. They need this in schools ”

- Parent

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