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Growing the muscle of courage

The Mental Muscle
Our aim is...

…to provide a framework for developing and delivering a scheme to create an essential awareness of a healthy mind.

To holistically deliver innovative new aged techniques to educators and learners to prevent an occurrence of poor mental health later in life. We endeavour to create wholeness in a child’s life within a dynamic learning environment. 

School Feedback

“The lessons were the best throughout the timetable. I was always so excited for the lesson.”

A. T, Year 8, Avon Valley School

“I really enjoyed it and it also changed my mindset and I changed.”

E. R, Year 6, CCS

“I found the course really fun and really powerful. I have learnt more than I have ever learnt in a term.”

L. B, Year 5, Kings Heath

The holistic approach cover three areas

1. Sport & Mindset “Play” Shops

Pupils will learn about movement, nutrition and most importantly their mind. Essentially it is THE ultimate PE lesson. 

After 14 years of secondary, primary and SEN PE experience the team ensure an exceptional level of knowledge and good practice is being delivered.

Using all of my 12 sport coaching qualifications combined with the my expertise in NLP and CBT I have created a unique syllabus never before thought of that generates results. 

Results such as staying in class, arriving on time, developing work ethic, kindness in class, improved behaviour and emotional resilience. 

2. CPD “Play” Shops for Staff

An essential part of teaching is the care and nurture of the child. Being of crucial significance in a child’s development means you have a direct effect on their learning journey into adulthood. 


It goes without saying that our experiences in childhood influence our adult lives. Therefore if a mental health condition is left untreated in childhood it will carry through to adulthood which will need regular care and attention from an array of health providers. 


Good mental health, or least an awareness, will lead to a more successful transition into adulthood.

3. Open Evenings for Parents

Parents are raising their children the best way they know how unfortunately more often than not with little limited knowledge. Now this is not their fault the pressures of life get in the way. 


What if we as a community pulled together and taught each other the absolute essentials of their children mind and how to communicate with them guiding them to happiness.

How Do The Workshops Work?

How important are your young minds?

Many students will find it incredibly difficult to create solutions to demanding circumstances and at the same time be in the most efficient mindset for learning, this project will provide the necessary environment, activities and support to overcome these situations.

What does a typical Project look like?

No two projects are the same, each project is carefully design by the team to ensure the consortium’s needs are met. 

Throughout our consultation will create a unique syllabus designed to suit the needs of your pupils, whether your school has high bullying rates or low attendance. 

We will make the project differentiated for you…it is almost like a pick and mix.   

You choose

As director of the school you may select a specific year with a particular focus. Such as a social anxiety or bully proofing workshop for 4 sessions. 

Or perhaps CPD for your staff which could include Physical Education with a mindset/mental health focus. 

You have full control.