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Personal 1 to 1 Coaching

To see the effects of low self-worth and lack of confidence turn into anger and be directed at those you love is heart breaking. 


To see these destructive habits and feelings shatter and transform into patience, determination confidence and love is one of the most enriching experiences I have the pleasure of being a part of. 


This is what I do…actually… this is what I love to do. I work with teens and parents to create happiness in the family environment. It is harder today being a child than it has ever been and guess what…That also mean that it is harder being a parent today than it was when you were growing up. 


Our emotions effect those we love and care for, fact! As our emotions determine our behaviours and in turn actions (or inaction)! Whether they be lashing at, self harming, withdrawal or giving up. 

Check out the effects of mindset, wellness and confidence boosting has on not only the child but the entire family. 


I help wonderful people such as yourself to connect the dots with confidence.


Sometimes we feel lost, confused or even have thoughts of “I don’t deserve” or “I am not good enough”. These are called limiting beliefs and these can lead you and/or your child down the path of self sabotage, self loathing and unfortunately anxiety and depression. 


Let’s face it, you would have achieved it by now on your own, if you haven’t yet and are unhappy then it’s ok. Recognising is the first step. 

My son learnt about myself and confidence in 1 hour than 5 years at school.

- Parent (at the Nike workshops)

 help people who are:

In pain
– Feeling stuck without hope
– In an exhausting parenting relationship
– Struggling with challenging emotions such as anxiety and stress
– Finding it hard to switch off
– Easily bought down by controlling people 
– Currently lacking a sense of purpose
– Overwhelmed and unhappy
– Unfulfilled 

– Over using drugs and alcohol to mask pain


If you are:

  • – Coachable
  • – Friendly
  • – Aching to take action
  • – Miserable and want change
  • – Responsible 

Then I will be able to guide you in connecting the dots to happiness.- 

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