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Hear Jack's Story

Hear about the football workshop

Check out Max's Story

Check out Max's Story NOW!!!

Watch Chelsea's Story

Watch Eliot's & Harvey's Story

Take a look at Holly's Story

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Take a look at Ciaran's Story

Listen to the kids from RFSS, talking about my confidence boosting workshop for schools!

Zack is talking about my Confidence Unleashed Academy

Coaching Amy through taking a leap of confidence! She is FANTASTIC!!!

Talia and I grabbing a hot chocolate and talking safe boundaries from bullies and boys!

Ibia is absolutely crushing his old beliefs about confidence here! Proud coach!

This mum and this daughter ARE is brave, their personal story is heart warming. I am so glad they came to my Confidence event!

These incredible two came to my Nike workshop and are excelling!

Megan (an amazing NHS worker) invested in herself

Keynote talk to young elite swimmers about how to rise above bullying

Here I am as the keynote speaker at a medical convention speaking with parents about life's important med...CONFIDENCE!

Ebonie is talking about my Confidence Unleashed Academy AND she is growing every day!

Ella is talking about my Confidence Unleashed Academy!

Here are a few beautiful messages from some AMAZING parents that had the courage to invest in their children.

As you can read these parents were going through a great deal of confusion, fear and pain…not to mention what their children were going through. I am so honoured to have worked with them and the family to help guide them on to a brighter future. 

If you are living a similar story to ANY of the above please schedule a call with myself.

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